• Amazing food abundance in Texas… Health Ranger harvests pears, grapes, apples and more… all grown with zero pesticides or herbicides… a genuine food Mecca! – NaturalNews.com

    Amazing food abundance in Texas… Health Ranger harvests pears, grapes, apples and more… all grown with zero pesticides or herbicides… a genuine food Mecca!

    Source: Amazing food abundance in Texas… Health Ranger harvests pears, grapes, apples and more… all grown with zero pesticides or herbicides… a genuine food Mecca! – NaturalNews.com

    (NaturalNews) I always love sharing pictures of all the amazing food abundance in Texas, because the public perception of Texas is so distorted by the mainstream media. In the minds of people who live in big cities like Los Angeles or New York, Texas invokes images of tumbleweeds, cacti and dust. But that’s a description of California these days, not Texas!

    Many parts of Texas are lush, with dark, rich soil that supports the easy growth of fruit trees, grapes and even bananas. I have a pear tree that’s so weighed down with delicious, honey-tasting pears that the branches droop to the ground!

    Today I went harvesting and gathered bucket loads of pears and wild grapes. These are zero-effort foods requiring no cultivation at all. They weren’t sprayed with anything, so they’re 100% free of all chemical pesticides and herbicides (such as toxic glyphosate).

    Now I’m busy washing and slicing all these pears, blending up amazing fresh smoothies and freezing the pear wedges for future smoothies. Given that I also grow my own lettuce greens using the Food Rising Mini-Farm Grow System that I developed (www.FoodRising.org), my trips to the grocery store are become simpler and less expensive by week!

    Here’s a photo of some of the fruit I harvested today:

    Some people have commented that these pears don’t look as clean as the pears you find in the store. Of course they don’t! These aren’t sprayed with toxic chemicals that kill everything! Real food looks REAL, not like the fake food illusions presented to you at the grocery store…

    (Personally, the only fruit I truly trust is fruit that’s been “sampled” by critters. That’s how I know it isn’t laced with toxic chemicals.)

    Beyond the cost savings, growing your own food also provides the healthiest, most nutritious food you can possibly acquire. Nothing’s more alive and fresh than the foods you pick right off the tree (or harvest straight from the garden). And because these foods don’t have to survive the rigors of transportation, they can be picked right at the peak of ripening, when nutrients and taste are at their maximum!

    Food self-reliance: Have you achieved it yet?

    By far the most important realization in all this is that by living on a ranch in Texas, I’ve been able to achieve a remarkable degree of food self-reliance. The fruit trees, grapes, salad greens and Food Rising gardening gives me a measure of food self-sufficiency that very few people have ever achieved. Combined with the food storage I’ve set aside for the coming economic disruptions, I’m essentially immune to food supply disruptions. (Which, of course, was my goal all along.)

    As the people of Greece are finding out the hard way, those who live in cities are beholden to the delivery of just-in-time food supplies to grocery stores. Those retailers can’t sell you food if the banks aren’t operating, because nobody has cash and electronic transactions don’t work for the most part. So people who live in cities tend to panic when food disruptions hit. They have no practical means to acquire food any other way, and they rarely know how to grow their own food (nor do they even have the space to do so).

    As we’re all about to witness across our planet, food self-reliance may be the most important preparedness strategy you can pursue right now. Obviously, you also need water self-reliance, shelter, some precious metals for barter and a form of suitable self defense to protect your property (Glocks seem to work nicely); but without a food supply, all your other plans are screwed anyway. You’ll be lining up in front of a FEMA camp, begging for government-issued textured vegetable protein. (Yuck!)

    To me, the food I grow on my own land is worth more than any bank account. Bank accounts can vanish overnight (and they will, as you’ll soon see…). Pensions can evaporate or be raided by governments and corporations. Government entitlement promises can collapse without warning, too. But a row of grapes and a small orchard of fruit and nut trees is something you can really bank on, in good times or bad!

    That’s why I say that if you’re not yet growing your own food in one way or another, you’re totally insane. Put your hands to work and start doing something — anything — that increases your food self-reliance: sprouting, container gardening, food drying, stocking up on storable foods, acquiring heirloom seeds, etc. You’ll be very glad you did when the stuff hits the fan! (See my food grow systems at www.SupplySource.com .)

    When food becomes scarce, I’ll be living on home-grown fruits, veggies and raw goat’s milk, and I hope you’ll have similar options for yourself! For meat, I’ll barter those delicious items with local ranchers for some beef bones to make nutritious bone broth soup for the winter. (Don’t underestimate the value of bone broth soup. It’s a staple of Traditional Chinese Medicine…)

    Check out this cute baby possum I found huddled in a tree on my ranch. He’s waiting for nightfall so he can cruise the property in search of sweet, juicy pears!

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/050458_fresh_fruit_Health_Ranger_food_self-reliance.html#ixzz3gSzN1Ayo

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